Our story

In 1987, in the small town of Albalate de Cinca in the province of Huesca, a company called Interarce was founded, dedicated to textile manufacture for prestigious international brands. Drawing on the textile tradition of the area where she earned her experience, Carmen Palacio starts her own business together with other partners.

After twenty years of activity in the sector, in 2007, the first tests were done to create her own brand. The idea began with a garment manufactured by the company designer. Although she was not satisfied with the first tests, a Carmen’s trip to Costa Rica changed everything... Upon observing the handmade work done by a women’s cooperative in Monteverde and fitting that idea together with the Interarce designer’s crochet work, Carmen decided to go ahead with the project. Defining the line of action, organisation and marketing of the product.

In 2008 some new values were incorporated into the project. Jean-Michel Dorthan, collaborator with large international fashion firms, joined the project as the Artistic Director, bringing with him designs, proposals and ideas about trends and the artistic development of the new line. Later, in late 2008, Miguel Latre joined the team when the project was in a critical phase due to the size and growth it had achieved. Miguel has had a long career in managing multinational companies.

The garments are white and can be dyed the colour of the customer’s choice, and the handmade portion will be developed by the company and made with the support and to help develop underprivileged cooperatives and women’s groups in different places around the world, such as Costa Rica, Colombia, Romania, Sri Lanka and India. Countries where the necessary training is provided, as well as support for producing crochet under the maximum quality standards.

Starting from here, the project moved on to the final launch phase; the garments undergo their first test with a fun photo session and filming in Paris...

Later, the show room was opened at the company’s facilities...

There are currently some 150 people in the different overseas workshops, including a cooperative in Spain close to our company and a convent of clarisas nuns who make the appliqués for one of our pieces.

In 2009 production of the first series of garments concluded, of exquisite quality, which will allow for the line to be launched with the first collection that combines design, natural materials, and which establishes a basic theme through all the garments of the use of crochet as a distinguishing emblem of the house, oriented toward a wide range of women of all ages.