Garment details

Our garments are made from a fabric created exclusively for us, of 90% cotton and 10% elastomer

The choice of fabric is the result of research by our company in search of the perfect product to obtain the desired quality. This way we achieve the perfect union with the crochet appliqués.

The special composition gives it a touch of warmth and freshness at the same time, very comfortable to wear, shaping perfectly to your body. Thought was given especially to the inside of the garment, to make it very comfortable, with support to refine our silhouette.

The garment is double knit, made with all hidden seams and exquisite finishes.

The second, and main characteristic of our garments is that they are made with handmade crochet appliqués. These appliqués are carefully crafted in a standard pattern for each piece.

The thread for both the crochet and assembly of the garment is also 100% cotton. This allows for the garment to be dyed.

The crocheted pieces of our garments bring together modernity and artisanry...